Software and infrastructure consulting

About Christoffer Lilja

Hello! You find me here due to the fact that I'll get bored if I don't get a challenge. This is why I've spent 14 years professionally within the world of Linux, this ever changing landscape shaping our lives in the most unexpected ways. People today expects thoughtful design, high availability, fast responses and some clever magic often delivered by AI. Being a part of a team delivering such systems makes my soul smile.


I manage and enhance your existing infrastructure as well as building from scratch. I'm used to Google Cloud and Amazon AWS as well as Terraform and Cloud Formation. But I'm not only cloud oriented, physical environments may be managed with Ansible, Puppet or other preferred tools.

Quality assurance and deployment (CI/CD)

Do you also wish to deploy software that's automagically quality checked to a multi tier environment? I build software deployment solutions using Terraform, Cloud Formation, Helm, Docker, Ansible, Puppet or any other preferred combination of tools.

Storage Solutions

Need to store hundreds of terabytes or even several petabytes of data? I design, build and operate Ceph clusters for your environment.

Backend software development

As a software developer I create tools when nothing from the shelf fits into your environment using Python, Elixir and Go.

Much more!

Don't be afraid of putting me through tasks not mentioned here, I know much more and new stuff equals a nice challenge!